This is Sharon Skaryd's unofficial ODPC Funfest information that I've collected.

The three day festival will be held July 16-19, 2015.

Here is festival Information I have collected: Because all work is done by volunteers, the festival is able to charge a very reasonable $7 gate fee. All workshops, the program, stage shows, and other festival activities are included for that one price. Camping is $17 nightly. The Osceola County Fairgrounds, Evart, Michigan, is the site of this fabulous event.

The O.D.P.C. or "Original Dulcimer Players Club," which puts on the festival, is the largest and oldest hammered dulcimer club in the world. The "original dulcimer" from the club's name means the "hammered dulcimer." The purpose of the O.D.P.C. is the preservation and promotion of the "hammered dulcimer." It's that focus which makes the festival unique.

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions area for answers to all of your questions (i.e. reservations, what instruments are allowed, what you'll need to bring, etc.) One question that is frequently asked is "How can you tell when the festival will be held next year?" It always starts on the Thursday before the third full weekend. It'll be held July 16-19 in 2015.

Brief Statement of Festival Rules:
Pets restricted to campsite. No bikes; no alcohol. Sales only by vendors except in the ODPC designated area. (Performers or workshop leaders may sell immediately after classes or performances.) No electrified instruments nor amplifiers in the campground; no band wind instruments; no woodwind instruments; no drums (except bodhran.)

The wonderful location in Evart, MI, where the festival is held, is the Osceola County Fairgrounds. Check out their website at: Osceola County Fairgrounds website

Here is their camping policy:
(The following information is quoted from their website and pertains to the ODPC Funfest) -
Camping Policy for Dulcimer FunfestCampsites are $17.00 per night. In the event you have to leave early,refund checks will only be issued through the mail.7We do not accept reservations. Campsites are assigned on a first come first served basis, we do not accept payment through the mail. You can either come into the office topurchase your campsite or purchase your campsite with a credit card over the phone, but only on the day you want to start paying for our campsite. You are welcome to call the office at any time to check on availability.We always try to take into consideration the handicapped or people with special needs such as breathing machines, etc. However, when we get full, that becomes difficult, but we will always do our best. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 231-734-5481 or you canemail us at and someone will get back to as soon as possible.

And of course you'll want to check out the "official website": ODPC New Website

The city of Evart offers lots of activities for visitors. Even after the festival, there's always entertainment in this lovely community.

Workshop Schedule


Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights 2015 Program!

2015 Stage Show Program

2015 Hammered Dulcimer Pre-Show Tunes

2015 tunes:
Printable and Playable tunes for 2015

2015 Mountain Dulcimer Stage Show Tunes

Tunes for mountain dulcimer players: Annette Lindsey's Music for 2015

The Yahoogroups List

You may want to be part of the "email group" which discusses the festival. To learn about that group, you can go to

Here's a photo of the 2012 "Dulcimers List" members at our annual "Reception."

If you click on the above "seal" you'll be taken to the World Record Academy which has certified that a world record was set for the largest number of hammered dulcimers playing together on stage (197 hammered dulcimers) Friday night 2009 at the ODPC Funfest. Every year we hope to do even better.You can also see a video on that website of the whole group playing "Red Wing" or Click Here! (Pennye Scheiber did a super job leading the group which plans to have even more dulcimers next year.)

Previous Festival Photos

Photos and Videos

These are the photos from previous years (2004-2012). You'll see a file name for each year. When you have finished with that year hit your "back" button to get back here. You'll probably find that only the last couple of years still have the photos available.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have questions, but we think we've covered all of the answers. If not, we have several ways for you to find out everything you need to know.Why not start by reading the "frequently asked questions" (aka FAQs).

Here's a typical "pre-festival" jam

"Bay of Fundy" and "Saute De Lapin" are the two tunes (selected and lead by Cindy Simmons).

You might be interested in what the funfest bunch looked like in 1980 (which we've concluded is probably the date of this photo)!

Click on the above photo to see a much larger image, complete with names.

Ghost Chickens

At the 2004 event there were lots of fun goings on including an amazing performance on the last night in the Swine Barn featuring Gail Schwandt and Linda Foley:
"Ghost Chickens in the Sky"

If you have any questions about the festival, feel free to email me.

The first of the festival campers arrive about June 1st (more than a month before the official start. Most of us spent at least a full week on the grounds. The highest number of campers was 748 camping units in 2001.

If you need a place to stay and camping isn't your "thing," check with Roger Elkins, the "mayor" of Evart before his retirement. He has a list of the local motels and hotels. E-mail him for that information. Ask for the "Motel and Hotel List". The earlier, the better. Don't delay. You can always cancel. (The Evart Grand Hotel, next to the fairgrounds is sold out from year to year with a waiting list.)

The workshops are great and the stage shows are the best, but it's the jammin' at a caliber that can't be described that makes this event truly one-of-a-kind.

Here is some music recorded live at the 2001 and 2003 Evart Funfests!! Hope you enjoy these tunes.

Recordings from 2001 and 2003

If all this sounds interesting, and you think you'd like to attend, or if you are an annual attendee and know you'll want to be part of the fun every year, you may want to subscribe to an e-mail "list" known as The list will help you stay informed of plans for the festival and will help share information on the event.

The "list" holds a reception the Wednesday evening before the festival, which generally draws over 100 members of this group. Every year for nearly 20 years, we've held these receptions.

Click the "yahoogroups" button to subscribe to the list "". It's a fun, friendly year-round link to Evart festival folks and information.


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