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Here are the photos and videos which folks have made taken of the 2012 ODPC Funfest. Enjoy them. After viewing one selection, use your browser's back button to return here to view more. In many cases you'll be leaving our webside to see the pictures and by returning you can view all of them. Thanks everyone for allowing us to display them. If you have more, please create an album and let me know so I can link to it. (Contact me if you need to know where you can put your photos.)

Channel 9 and 10 news came to our festival. They got the city wrong, but it was still a good interview.
Channel 9 and 10 News Video


Here are the 2012 photos and videos

The tune is Aran (0r Arran) Boat played on whistle by Chuck Boody and Dee Dee Tibbits: Rochelle DeAnda's video

Picasa allows you to run images on their service as a "slide show" if you select that at the top

Lynne Ellen Kaiser's photo album #1 - Ike Gehringer helped with the photography

Lynn Ellen Kaiser's photo album #2 - More photos by Lynne Ellen

Dave Lovelace's pictures

Bev Bernum provided this album - Click the slideshow link on the top right side to see them all.
You may have to create an account with Snapfish to see them, but it is free and they don't hassle you.

Keep checking back. Chances are more photos will be added.


Photos 2011

Adult Tie Dyed Shirt Class by Ruthann Sterenberg
Parade Photos by Ruthann Sterenberg
Friday Evening Pre-Show Photos by Ruthann Sterenberg
Mountain Dulcimer Act by Ruthann Sterenberg
Puppet Photos by Ruthann Sterenberg
Groups and Individuals Photos by Ruthann Sterenberg
Grandstand/Stage Photos Photos by Ruthann Sterenberg


Photos by Lynne Ellen Kaiser.

Part 1 by Lynne Ellen Kaiser
Part 2 by Lynne Ellen Kaiser
Part 3 by Lynne Ellen Kaiser
Part 4 by Lynne Ellen Kaiser
Part 5 by Lynne Ellen Kaiser
Part 6 by Lynne Ellen Kaiser
Part 7 by Lynne Ellen Kaiser


Photos Gary took as official stage photographer

Thursday Night Stage Show
Friday Night Stage Show
Saturday Afternoon Stage Show
Saturday Night Stage Show

Videos 2011

This was a late entry (which wasn't added until early 2012) which Jeff Allen (or his wife), captured of a lovely Evart (2011) jam showing off some of the best whistle players on the lovely melody, "Boat Song."

"Boat Song" on whistles and valveless flutes

Evartvideos HUNDREDS of videos.
(This link will allow you to select from the huge selection taken by the fellow known as EvartVideos.)
At the bottom of the YouTube page, you'll see there are SEVEN pages of links to the videos he took throughout the festival.)

Ken Kaiser's Videos of the Festival

Lisa Ferguson, Katie Moritz, and Dan Landrum - Thursday Night - Evart 2011

Old Grey Cat
Hangman's Reel
Katie's No Name
Vlady on the Transiberian

ODPC Tribute - Friday Night Show

ODPC Tribute - Part 1 - Viola's Schottische
ODPC Tribute - Part 2 - How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace
ODPC Tribute - Part 3 - Soldiers Joy - Dance called by Glen Morningstar

Catalina Lite - Friday Night Show

Golden Stud, Evit Gabriel, Morning Dew
Blackberry Blossom
Star of the County Down

Kaiser Family Band - Saturday Night Show

Jesusita en Chihuahua
Reel a' Bouch
Maple Leaf Rag
Wheel Hoss
6 Handed Dulcimer


I'm glad to add more photos. You can use a free photo service to create your own album and it's quite easy. Once you have finished, send me an email with the link. I would suggest a service like Google's Picasa,,, I'd love to have more in our "collection of memories."



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