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Most of these traditional midi tunes were sequenced by Barry Taylor. We appreciate his contribution. If the sequencer is other than Mr. Taylor, the information has been included where known.

Please check out the credits page which links to the websites of these excellent musicians, including John Roache, the excellent ragtime player who contributed "Belle of Louisville".

Midi Sequencers' Links/Acknowledgements Page

You can select a tune and then explore more of the website. The tune will continue playing. You can turn it off (by clicking the off button on the "console.")

Amazing Grace sequenced by Don Carroll
Amazing Grace
Annie Laurie
Bach 7
Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms
Belle of Louisville (a rag) written (1990) by Frank French sequenced by John E. Roache
Black and White Rag written George Botsford seq. Warren Trachtman
Black Bear
Blind Mary
Blow the Wind Southerly
Blue Bonnets Over the Border
Bonnie Banks o'Loch Lomond
Bonnie Doon
Bonnie Dundee/Hundred Pipers
Bonnie Kellswater
Bonnie Woodgreen
Brink of the White Rock
Caller Herring
Captain White
Carolan's Concerto
Carolan's Draught
Carolan's Welcome
Child of Dreamland
Cockles and Mussels
Corn Rigs are Bonnie
Dark Isle
Devil Among the Tailors/Mason's Apron
Dill Pickle Rag written by Charles L. Johnson /seq. Warren Trachtman
Down by the Sally Gardens
Down Yonder
Dumbarton's Drums
Duncan Davidson
Eileen Aroon
Eleanor Plunkett
The Entertainer (a rag) by Scott Joplin sequenced by R. J. Stratton
Fallen Hero
Fermoy Lasses/The Gravel Walk
Flow Gently Sweet Afton
Flower of Scotland
Flowers of the Forest
Four Marys
Glasgow Lasses/Lady Jardin/Miss Grant/Duchess of Manchester
Harvest Home
Hen's March
Highland Laddie
How Great Thou Art
Inverness Gathering/Balmoral Castle/High Road to Linton
Irish Emigrant
Isle of Skye (Not Skye Boat Song)
January Waltz written and sequenced by Judi Morningstar
Jenny's Gone to Linton/Johnny's Gone to France sequenced by Harold Doolan
Jesse, The Flower of Dunblane
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring sequenced by P. R. Schwo
Jock o'Hazeldean
John O'Connor
Just as I Am sequenced by Lassen Tech.
Kesh Jig
King of the Fairies
Lady Athenry
Lady Mary Hay's Scotch Measure
Lark in the Clear Air
Leezie Lindsay
Liverpool Hornpipe/Mucking of Geordie's Byre/Piobreachd o'Donald Dhu
Loftus Jones
Loftus Jones
Londonderry Air
Lord Inchiquin
Lord Seaforth/O'er The Moor/Among the Heather
Luke Dillon
Macpherson's Farewell
Maggie Browne's Favorite
Mairi BhanOg
Man's A Man for A 'That
Maple Leaf Rag
Maple Leaf Rag (a rag) written in by Scott Joplin sequenced by John E. Roache
March of the Cameron Men
Marchmont House
Minstrel Boy
Miss MacDermott
Mist Covered Mountains
Mony Musk sequenced by Harold Doolan
Mountains of Mourne
My Love She is Like a Red, Red Rose
My Love She's but a Lassie Yet/Cullem Beg/Mairi's Wedding
My Singing Bird
Neil Gow's Lament
Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of his Brother
Nut Brown Maiden/Blue Bells of Scotland
Ode to Whiskey
Pachbel's Cannon
Piper of Dundee
Planxty Fanny Po'er
Planxty Irwin
Rose of Mooncoin
Rose of Tralee
Scotland the Brave
Scots Wa'Hae
Scottish Soldier
Shall We Gather at the River
Shearins No For You sequenced by Sharon Skaryd
Sheebeg and Sheemore
Snowy Breasted Pearl
Spinning Wheel
Steer Her Up/Had Her Gaun
St. Anne's Reel
Sweet Is the Lass that Dwells Among the Heather
Swinging on a Gate
Teviot Bridge/Kinlock of Kinlock
Thomas Leixlip the Proud
Turn Ye to Me
Verdant Braes of Skreen
White Cockade/Flowers of Edinburgh
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?
Will Ye No Come Back Again
Weeping Willow (a rag) sequenced by Warren Trachtman
Willow Waltz written by Les Raber; sequenced by Sharon Skaryd
Yellow Rose of Texas

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